“I would like to express on behalf of DFR our gratitude for the efforts undertaken by the Whatelec team to assist us in getting our antiquated phone system operational in time for Monday morning trade. In fact the system was operational on Sunday evening.

In this instance, the team has undertaken to remedy an issue that was well above and beyond the scope of responsibility attributed to them in this project. In doing this the team ensured a supplier was identified, the system diagnosed, parts collected (from a supplier identified in Sydney) and the system repaired and tested.

It is comforting to know we have a team working with us, as dedicated to the successful delivery of the project as we are.

It is service and dedication beyond what is required, such as what was shown over the weekend that underscores and reinforces our decision to appoint Premis and their team of contractors to work with DFR to deliver our project works.

Many Thanks,

Mathew Maclay

Asset and Facilities Manager
Defence Force Recruiting”